6. September 2021 – Hagemann/Sluga: Gendering Conflict, Peace – and Peace and Conflict Studies

6. September 2021  – Gendering Conflict, Peace and Peace and Conflict Studies

Karen Hagemann (Chapel Hill), Glenda Sluga (Florence)


Soldiers or diplomats, Freikorps or politicians histories of war, peace and international relations are
more often than not written with a focus on mostly male agency. However, more and more
studies explore the history, functionality and meanings of gender identities and roles by looking at peace organizations or public discourses about war and violence. To what extent is this approach essential to understand dynamics of conflicts and peace? We will discuss these topics with Karen Hagemann, USbased historian with an expertise on women and gender in the history of war and violence, and Glenda Sluga, Australian (currently based at the EUI Florence) historian of gender, diplomacy and internationalism.


Karen Hagemann (with Stefan Dudink and Sonya O. Rose), eds., Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2020.

Glenda Sluga (with James, C.) eds., Women, Diplomacy and International Politics. New York: Routledge 2016.


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