Jahrestagung 2010

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Patrick Bernhard / Holger Nehring

Unthinking the Imaginary War. Intellectual Reflections of the Nuclear Age, 1945-1990

4.-6.11.2010, German Historical Institute London


Thursday, 4.11.2010

2 pm
Opening and Welcome
Andreas Gestrich (GHI London)

2.15-2.30 pm
Patrick Bernhard (GHI Rome) / Holger Nehring (Sheffield) / Benjamin Ziemann (Sheffield)

2.30-4.30 pm
Panel I: Long-Term Perspectives on the Nuclear Threat

David Tal (Calgary), The Wilsonian Heritage and US Nuclear Disarmament Policy

Matthew Grant (Manchester), The Atomic Sensation in British Culture

Deborah Sorrenti (Rome), Italian Political Approaches to the Nuclear Menace

Keynote Lecture
Paul Boyer (Madison, Wisconsin), Fallout. American Thought and Culture in the Nuclear Age

Friday, 5.11.2010

9 am-12 noon
Panel II: Nuclear Apocalypse

Miriam Dobson (Sheffield), Apocalypse, Peace, and Religious Belief: Soviet Representations of the Cold War

Daniel Gerster (Florence), West German and US Catholics, the Bomb and Perceptions of Apocalypse, 1945-1960

Johannes Platz (Cologne), The Atomic Age – War, Peace and Apocalypse. The Views of the German Protestant Military Bishop

Friederike Brühöfener (Chapel Hill), “Angst vor dem Atom”. Debating Cold War Anxieties in West Germany during the 1980s

1-3 pm
Panel III: Dialectics of Destruction: Imaginations of the Bomb

Jason Dawsey (Chicago), After Hiroshima. Günther Anders and the History of Anti-Nuclear Critique

Patryk Wasiak (Warschau), Good Human versus Computer Villain: New Technologies and the Discourse of Nuclear War

Lars Nowak (Trier) Rehearsals for the Third World War: The American Nuclear Test Films

3.30-6.30 pm
Panel IV: Expert Cultures: Defense Intellectuals and Peace Researchers 

Claudia Kemper (Hamburg), Physicians as Experts. The German Section of IPPNW

Isabelle Miclot (Paris), French Defense Intellectuals and the Modeling of Nuclear War

Eva Fetscher/Øyvind Ekelund (Oslo), Norwegian Peace Research and the Bomb, 1959-1990

Paul Rubinson (Tampa), “The Nuclear Winter Phenomenon”: Antinuclear Protests and Human Rights in the US and the Soviet Union

Saturday, 6.11.2010

9.30 am-12.30 pm
Panel V: Imagining the Unimaginable: Artists and the Bomb

Vera Wolff (Hamburg), Material Aesthetics for the Nuclear Age. How Japanese Artists undid the Imaginary War

Umberto Rossi (Rome), The War which was not There: Images of World War III in Novels by Philip K. Dick and Thomas Pynchon

Thomas F. Schneider (Osnabrück), Armageddon and After. Representations of Post Nuclear Societies in Cold War Films

2-3.30 pm
Thematic Wrap-Up
introduced by Michael Geyer (Chicago) / Eva Horn (Vienna) / Jost Dülffer

The conference was jointly organised by the Centre for Peace History (University of Sheffield) and the Arbeitskreis für Historische Friedensforschung, in collaboration with the German Historical Institute London and the German Historical Institute Rome. For a detailed report on the conference see H-Soz-Kult. The publication you will find here.