Annual Conference 2020: Footprints, motives, perceptions and new directions

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Footprints, motives, perceptions and new directions, Tracing experiences of troop Contributors and contributing societies in UN peacekeeping

Annual Conference of the Working Group Historical Peace and Conflict Research/ (Arbeitskreis Historische Friedens- und Konfliktforschung e.V.)

Organized by
Prof. Dr. Manuel Fröhlich, Trier
Prof. Dr. Christian Jansen, Trier
PD Dr. Jan Erik Schulte, Hadamar/Bochum

Funded by the
German Foundation for Peace Research

Concept Note

The connection of historical approaches with perspectives from political Science provides a useful framework to analyze the development of UN peacekeeping. This conference focuses on troop contributing countries and their societies in the period of the Cold War and beyond.

The conference is centered around the synchronic and diachronic comparison of different troop contributing countries, their societies, histories, military discourses and self-perceptions. This approach includes views not only from troop contributing but also troop hosting countries and societies.

Based on first studies in this field, the conference identifies a desideratum of research which it wants to address by emphasizing the potential of historical perspective, combining it with existing approaches and findings from political science as well as focusing on the context, conditions and circumstances under which states and societies contribute soldiers and police forces to UN peacekeeping missions.

The central research question, which will be dealt with from comparative, transnational and international perspectives, can be summarized as follows: “Why do states and societies contribute troops to UN peacekeeping missions, how have the underlying arguments, motives and perceptions for troop contribution changed over time and how do the missions influence the contributing states and societies?”

More Information in the PDF-File.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

12:15 Lunch (optional, please rsvp)

Welcome and Introduction

Manuel Fröhlich, Christian Jansen, Jan Erik Schulte

Keynote Lecture

Norrie McQueen, St Andrews, Tracing UN-Peacekeeping experiences between History and Political Science
Moderator: Jost Dülffer, Köln

15:45 Coffee break

I Experiences from the Cold War: Motives and perceptions
Moderator: Jost Dülffer, Köln

Jan Erik Schulte, Hadamar/Bochum
UN Peacekeeping and Nation Building in Canada

Nicolas Blarel, Leiden
India and UNEF (1956-1967): The Foundation and Evolution of India’s Approach to Peacekeeping and Peacemaking

18:15 Dinner

Friday, April 24th, 2020

8:00 Breakfast

II Experiences from Troop contributors: Impact abroad and at home

Moderator: Christian Jansen, Trier

Christoph Harig, Hamburg
Stabilisation abroad, pacification at home. Reciprocal effects between UN peacekeeping and internal missions of Brazil’s military

Eva Gerharz, Fulda
Ambivalences of Peace Keeping: The Bangladesh Military at Home

10:30 Coffee Break

III Experiences from Troop contributors after the Cold War: Motives and perceptions
Moderator: Jan Erik Schulte, Hadamar/Bochum

Christian Stock, Bamberg
Nigeria as a troop contributor

Alexander Nikitin, Moskau
The Russian Perspective on UN and Non-UN Peace Operations in the Post-Cold-War Decades

Alexander Kocks, Bonn
Motives, Risks and Costs of Peacekeeping: The German example

13:00 Lunch

IV Contextualising Experiences: Cross-Cutting Themes and Challenges
Moderator: Manuel Fröhlich, Trier

Simon Schulze, Trier
Postcolonial Perspectives on Peacekeeping

Alanna O’Malley, Leiden/The Hague
Rewriting the History of UN Peacekeeping: Southern Perspectives

16:00 Break

V Understanding the Peacekeeping Machinery: Procedures and Principles
Moderator: Manuel Fröhlich, Trier

Dieter Lussem, Hamburg
Experiences from a Planning Officer in the Force Generation Service at DPKO

18:00 Dinner

Saturday, April 25th, 2020

8:00 Breakfast

VI Peacekeeping from below: Narratives of soldiers and civil society
Moderator: Jan-Eric Hansen, Berlin

Martin Ottovay Jorgensen, Aalborg
The First United Nations Peacekeeping Operations seen from below

Courtney E. Cole, Weston, MA
Hosts, Heroes, Hostages, Helpers: Multiple Subjectivities and Perceptions of UN Peacekeepers in Sierra Leone’s War and Peace

VII Contested Experiences and Narratives: Experiences from Africa
Moderator: Simon Schulze, Trier

Gerd Hankel, Hamburg
The UN in Rwanda

Siddharth Tripathi/Tobias Berger, Erfurt/Berlin
Neglected Narratives and Lost Lived Experiences: A Case Study of Indian Peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Manuel Fröhlich, Christian Jansen, Jan Erik Schulte

12:15 End of workshop Lunch (optional; please rsvp)

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